About Author Claire Gager

Claire Gager is a southern California based author. Born, educated, and ongoing resident of the Golden State, she lives with her husband and two autistic sons. She is a trained counselor and public administrator, and currently directs a federal program at a university. Her writing began in 2012 with two self-published novels, and from there her love for writing flourished. Claire, being a woman of faith and a trained counselor, combines these skills together in her tremendous ability to weave spiritual fiction stories in The Last Prophet series where her characters struggle, fail, and triumph. She has three published novels in her book series, The Last Prophet: Guarding Sophia, Book 1; Michael’s Mission, Book 2; and Raphael’s Journey, Book 3 (due to release in 2015), and is under contract for a fourth and fifth book. Currently, the author is working on Uriel’s Light, Book 4; and Raziel’s Revelation, Book 5.


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