Our Hurting World

For those who follow my blog posts, you may have noticed that last week, there was nothing to read. There was a great deal of hurt happening at that time, and I am not simply speaking about the terrorist attack on Paris, and the various other attacks and tragedies that happened around the entire world. Last week I felt the need to skip the post an simply offer prayers for our hurting world. This week, I spent more time seeking inspiration, affirmation, and confirmation that some “good” still existed in this world of ours. With so much happening on Mother Earth that hurts her so, I went in search for solace and answers to the questions plaguing my mind.

If we are all a part of the human race, why do we (collectively) hurt each other?

If we were given this world to care for, why then do we abuse it?

If we hold life – all life – so dearly and precious, why do we make decisions that disrespect it so?

The answer? We have not learned how. How to what? We have not learned how to “love.” When we truly “love” someone or something, our actions should follow and be the evidence of the intangible. Yes, the word and its meaning can be defined by so many in different ways, and our understanding is based on our experiences. If, however, we are taught from the very beginning of our existence “how” to love, and agree that there are some fundamental truths included in that expression, then our resulting actions and beliefs follow. Sadly, the word “love” has been used so often and so loosely that it has lost its true meaning.

In each of The Last Prophet series books, the term “love” is explained in one word that was expressed by actions (see The Last Prophet, Michael’s Mission, Book Two). That word was also used by Greeks in the early Christian Church to describe an unconditional, all giving, selfless, and complete type of love. The word? Agape.

Many church communities in both the west and east have learned this word to mean the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for the entire world. It is that example alone that best described it to the early church in its infancy, and to many other churches around the world today. For someone to lay down one’s life in order that another may live – that’s Agape. To know the other person’s faults and failures, and to look upon them with compassion, and forgiveness – that’s Agape. To accept the painful torments, both physical and psychological, and walk away still wishing mercy upon those who inflicted this cruelty – that’s Agape. To discipline your children despite their hurtful words about your parenting skills and to take them back time and time again after they have hurt themselves – that’s Agape. I think you get my point.

Perhaps you have seen examples of Agape in your own life. It comes in both big and small ways. Is there someone in your life who never asks for anything in return despite what is rightfully their due pay or recognition? Have you ever done something anonymously for someone you may or may not know? Were you ever hurt by someone so much that it brought you to tears, but you still went out of your way to help them somehow? These are other examples of Agape. The other trait that accompanies Agape is humility. Humility is not putting oneself down for the sake of others. Humility is thinking less of oneself for the sake of others. When we think of others first and their well-being before our own, that is an example of humility. Humility in Agape means lifting up someone else by being content with not having the recognition for that which we give for the other person. Humility and Agape go hand in hand.

In our past week, as we remember the hurts our world has experienced, let us take time – truly take time – to live humility and be Agape. One selfless act may not change the world overnight, but to the one who receives the expression of Agape you give, it is a place to start.

How will you be Agape this week? Comment in the space provided.

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