The healing power of a parent’s touch

Any parent who has had to deal with a sick child knows the unmistakable call from the bedroom. That ear drum piercing cry of a little boy, soon followed by vomiting, or whining, or coughing, or sneezing. That sound was all too familiar to me this past week. Both my sons had contracted some form of virus affecting the throat. Sadly, the doctor’s lab test showed that it wasn’t strep throat, so there was no need for antibiotics. Each time my kids groaned or cried from the discomfort, it hurt my heart knowing that I couldn’t heal them quickly. Whenever my boys get sick, I often feel helpless and sad that I can’t do much for them. Other parents, particularly those with multiple kids, have learned over the years how to cope with this stress, and have learned that it doesn’t take much for us parents to actually help our children feel better.

Some life hacks shared on The TODAY Parenting Team showed me that there are ways in which we can do little things to help our kids feel better (see full article at What can we do as Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad? Here are a few tips I learned and have used myself:

  • Make the medicine less yucky by dipping a lollipop in medicine and having the child take it lick by lick.
  • Soothing irritated skin with a mild lotion, or (as the website suggests) coconut oil which leaves a yummy scent like a Piña Colada.
  • Layer your kid’s bed before he lays down to make clean up of tummy trouble mess easier for you.
  • Keep them hydrated. This goes without say since liquids keep the body’s essential fluids moving, which helps the healing process.
  • For kids with throat illnesses, mini marshmallows seem to work in coating the throat. Popsicles also seem to work wonders when it is a sore throat. These pain relievers put a smile on a kid’s face, while easing their discomfort.

While these are incredibly useful tips to help kids feel better, there is one remedy that seems to work wonders to get a child on the road to recovery from illness. The remedy? A parent’s affection. My children seem to automatically look and feel better whenever I hold them, kiss them, or simply give them my full attention. Talking with them in a gentle tone, massaging their backs or scalps or legs, holding them close to me and kissing their temple – all these seem to do much more than any of the prescription or over-the-counter medicine I buy for whatever ails them. That is the healing power of a parent’s touch.

In past blogposts, I wrote about the healing power of touch. The same healing power of touch is amplified for a small child. While adults may not necessarily be the size of a school aged child, aren’t we all really just children at heart? Every person, no matter how old, needs to be touched, needs that connection, needs that soothing. Touch is healing for those who are ill, and soothing for those who are in pain – which explains why so many patients with terminal illness need it from the ones they care about.

An angel’s touch, as seen in my books, The Last Prophet, Raphael’s Journey (Book Three), and The Last Prophet, Raziel’s Revelation, brings about psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for the main characters. A simple touch, then, even in our human/mortal state, has power to uplift, calm, and create a change in a person’s condition. Perhaps it is psychological. Perhaps it is not. Whatever one might believe, touch is important for healing to take place. For children, it is the best medicine.

How has someone’s touch healed you? Has your touch or presence made a difference in someone’s recovery? Please comment in the space provided.

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