The Power of Self-affirmation

Has this ever happened to you? Every once in a great while, I find myself in a slump and feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes it is because I am having an especially rough week… nothing going as planned for the week or day or hour, people be very critical of me even though I gave it my all and did the best I could, feeling lonely because my spouse, children, or friends have no time for me to even return a text message or voicemail, realizing that my clothes are feeling a bit tighter after having lost weight and then finding out my bathroom scale needed recalibrating to be more accurate, and then (the crowning piece) getting three phone calls from various doctors telling me I’m overdue for flu shot, eye exam, and the dreaded Ob/Gyn visit. Gawl!!!

Yes, it can be a bit depressing for even the most optimistic and positive person in this world when it all seems to come crashing down. I’m not one to count myself among the happy-go-lucky people that are liquid sunshine on a daily basis, but I’m also not one to dwell on crappy days either. These past three weeks, however, have been a bit difficult for me, and I found myself in a deeper slump than I was accustomed to. Usually my bad days were taken care of by a good night’s rest and telling myself that it’s only one bad day and not a bad life. The last three weeks seemed a lot longer, though, with this slump and dark cloud hanging over my head. I sat with a cup of coffee in my office on Wednesday, alone, with the lights off, intent on taking a peek on my social media site. That morning, I chose to look at my family and church friend Facebook, rather than my Author’s page. I happened upon one of my church friend’s post about I AM. The following picture is what caught my attention.

I AM Divine Love Image

While I am no stranger to the I Am statements, it had never occurred to me that what these really are is not just the statements of how we are blessed by God, but reinforcing, positive, uplifting, self-affirmations. As I looked at the image my friend posted, I found myself taking out a piece of paper and writing down my I Am statements – my self-affirmations. I was quite surprised by the number of statements I wrote about myself. Not only was I surprised by the number, but also by how good I began to feel about myself. I felt more at peace with all that had happened over the three weeks, and I found myself smiling from genuine contentment – something that hadn’t happened in a long time. Sure, I’ve laughed, but smiling from being truly content had been a distant memory until that morning. My slump was gone.

In Book Five of The Last Prophet series, Raziel’s Revelation, we get to see the power of healing in affirming another. Imagine being able to bring back the coldest and hardest of hearts to an awareness that they are loved and special by simply telling them something good about themselves. This is the process one of the main characters and an angel undergo together. No spoilers here, but there is something to be said about how the series will end, and it will end with self-affirmations – I AM statements to help a wounded heart and body.

It is little wonder that self-affirming oneself has a great power to change our outlook. In a study published in the American Psychological Association database on “behavioral inhibition and the threat-potentiated startle response,” researchers found that those who were exposed to self-affirming core values (e.g., positive self-esteem reinforcement) were less sensitive in their response to negative stimuli that would otherwise cause a “startled” response (see the abstract of the article at In other words, those who had been affirmed or self-affirmed their own personal core values and strengths were less “frightened” when presented with images of a negative nature that would have otherwise caused them to flinch or blink rapidly. Ultimately, self-affirmations has the power to change how we feel or how we respond to a given situation. In my case, I needed to remember that I do have value whether or not others see my worth. I also needed the reminder that despite all the bad that may happen in my life, I AM still blessed and a good person at heart. In no particular order, my I AM statements (self-affirmations) were as follows:

I AM loving

I AM talented

I AM intelligent

I AM wise

I AM patient

I AM kind

I AM brave

I AM beautiful

I AM strong

I AM responsible

I AM encouraging

I AM supportive

I AM considerate

I AM hardworking

I AM sensitive

I AM hopeful

I AM resilient

I AM witty

I AM charming

I AM funny

I AM humorous

I AM playful

I AM creative

I AM artistic

I AM imaginative

I AM a woman

I AM feminine

I AM sensual

I AM serious

I AM special

I AM bold

I AM adventurous

I AM courageous

I AM caring

I AM careful

I AM generous

I AM giving

I AM pragmatic

I AM simple

I AM free

I AM faith-filled

I AM compassionate

I AM blessed

I AM a blessing

I AM loved

I AM passionate

I AM gentle

I AM an old soul

I AM family

I AM full of wonder

I AM fiercely loyal

I AM devoted to the ones I love

I AM… me

What are your I AM statements? How do you self-affirm yourself? Please comment in the space provided.

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One thought on “The Power of Self-affirmation”

  1. I would say…..

    I am resourceful.
    I am courageous.
    I am brave.
    I am strong.
    I am intelligent.
    I am compassionate.
    I am resilient.
    I am amiable.

    Hmm… These affirmations are really nice though. I love this idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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