Guest bloggers welcome here!

I was recently approached by a fellow author about doing a guest blog on my site. While we write in a similar genre of books, I had never really considered asking any of my fellow writers if they would be interested in posting as a guest on Blogs by Claire. To my colleague’s inquiry, I simply gave him a resounding “YES!” The offer stands for any bloggers and authors who write about Christian, religious, spiritual, paranormal, or science fiction. This also includes authors of Young Adult fiction who write within these genres as well. It is my hope that those who write are willing to share their thoughts on their writing, the stories they tell, and how they are connecting with modern day issues.

In my blog posts, I connect topics with something addressed in one of The Last Prophet books in the series. Most connections have to do with personal dilemmas of an emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual nature, but each of these topics are issues we all deal with. Why? Simply put, it is because we are all human. To be human means to struggle with our very selves and to triumph in the end. Whether those issues are resolved or we start over in a new chapter of our lives, we each deal according to the blessings, wisdom, and resources we have.

If you are interested in a guest post on Blogs by Claire, please contact me through this blog site, or email me.

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