Enough Slumps in the Road, and the Places You’ll Go

Oh,_the_Places_You'll_GoIt is no secret that this time of year is better known as “graduation season.” In the past month alone, I have already attended five graduation ceremonies. My favorite one thus far was one for a special college retention program. It was my favorite because the staff decided to go with the theme from Dr. Seuss’s popular graduation gift book Oh, The Places You’ll Go, which happens to be one of my personal favorites as well. The key note speaker for this particular graduation pointed out quite appropriately that the good majority of the middle section of Dr. Seuss’s book talks about slumps and bumps in the road – on our journey. He pointed this out to the graduating students because, in his words, he believed that Dr. Seuss wanted to season our optimism and youthful eagerness to pave our own path with the realities of life that not every situation would be a bed of roses. I am glad, however, that Dr. Seuss’s book ends on the note that if we stay the course, stay true to our goal, and keep connected with people who help us to succeed – to pay it forward – then we WILL certainly be triumphant.

In my book, The Last Prophet, Uriel’s Light (Book Four) (due late 2015), the main characters have hit such slumps in the road by way of ill health, loss of career and reputation, and bad decisions all around. These situations, heartbreaking as they may be, are a part of life. Such things in life are part of the journey, and I’ve often heard it said that life is a journey and NOT a destination. That being said, slumps and bumps in the road, as Dr. Seuss calls them, will happen. The difference between those who stay in the “waiting place” and the “doers” is the attitude they take and the actions they commit to change their situation. Yes, the waiting place can feel like a sort of Limbo, and sometimes doers can easily slip into that place of unknowing. The difference, again, is what we choose to do while we wait. Perhaps in that choice alone, we discover we are no longer waiting, but paving an alternate route to that “place” we are going – wherever that may be.

At the last graduation I attended this afternoon, I wished the graduates something that earned me a few raised eyebrows. I wished each of them “enough” along their journey. When I explained my meaning, it made better sense to the high school students I addressed. This was my wish for them:

I wish you enough rain in your life, so that you will always appreciate the warmth of the sun and the lifesong of nature.

I wish you enough struggles, so that you will always look back and remember the happier and easier times in life and never take them for granted.

I wish you enough heartbreak, so that you will love, care for, and make time for the ones who DO love you.

I wish you enough failure, so that you remain humble and grateful for the successes when they come your way.

What would you wish for those setting out on “the places they’ll go” on their journey? What else is “enough” for them? Please comment in the space provided.c7aa6d340e0b8c44e5b2ebb8732648b9

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