A Simple Smile Can Make a World of Difference

I recently read a quote about Audrey Hepburn that mentioned how a face is made more beautiful when graced with a smile. Undoubtedly, I have had first-hand experience of how a smile on my face, or being smiled at by someone can make my day a little bit brighter no matter what may have been happening at that moment. I found a short but powerful YouTube video that illustrates what a smile can do for one who cannot (see https://youtu.be/PEm0VlSCwYw), and the impact of that smile was infectious. In an article by GoodTherapy.org, there were 4 benefits of sharing your smile or a laugh (see http://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/4-benefits-of-sharing-your-smile-or-a-laugh). These 4 benefits included:

  • Laughter is medicine and improves the body’s functioning almost like exercise
  • Laughter releases endorphins (a.k.a., the “feel good” chemicals) into your body
  • Smiling and laughter improve the way others see you
  • Laughter and smiling can help relieve pain

One of my favorite things to do at one of my book signings is to smile and greet people as they pass by my table. Not everyone stops, and not everyone smiles back. However, the few that do stop or the few that acknowledge my smile by returning a smile of their own makes the world a little bit smaller and a little bit brighter. In The Last Prophet series, some readers have told me that they appreciated the image of angels having a sense of humor, but most especially their peaceful natures, the smiles and laughter they share with one another and with those they protect, and their kindness.

Yes, being good-natured goes a long way in the book series, but it goes a long way in the real world as well. I can only speak for myself on how another person’s smile brings me joy. Whether it is a complete stranger or an old friend, a smile can, has, and continues to make a wonderful impact on my day. Why not start a “pay it forward” effect of smiling?

Have you experienced a drastic change in your day because someone smiled at you or made you laugh? Please share your experience in the space provided.

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