Entertaining Angels: Encountering the Divine

Those who follow Blogs by Claire know that I post these blogs over the earlier part of the weekend during the morning hours in order to provide some personal insights before heading off to a busy day. Today was a little different because I really needed some time to think about how to approach this topic. If you follow my Facebook, Instagram, and Tweets, you know that today was the second of four author events in southern California – this one taking place in the city I live in, Upland, California. All things considered, I believe the turn out for my Meet the Author: Book Talk and Signing went very well and was well attended. True, I was competing with the Annual Lemon Festival, several springtime events with local colleges and universities, and even the busy schedules of loved ones, family, and friends who originally planned on attending. Ultimately, I had a great audience, and now have a few new friends who have copies of the first three books of my series, The Last Prophet.

There were a few friendly faces I recognized from where I work, and I was pleasantly surprised that not all who attended my talk and book signing were not from a strictly Catholic Christian or Protestant Christian denomination. I had Christians, Jewish, and Buddhist individuals in attendance. They all seemed to have an appreciation and (definitely) curiosity of what the book series was about. The one question that struck me came from someone I actually knew on a personal level. Since The Last Prophet series is about how the main character and others in her life encounter angels from God, his question wasn’t an unusual one, but certainly something I did not think he would ask of me personally. His question to me was whether or not I myself had any “spiritual” encounters with angels or beings of a spiritual nature, and if it had any bearing on my beliefs. Having become quite comfortable writing the book series as if the events were truly happening, one would think I’d be able to answer the question right away. It wasn’t difficult to answer, but I realized that more often than not, I do in fact have spiritual encounters.

Although I have never seen an angel with my own eyes, I had my own spiritual conversion many years ago thanks to some “flesh and blood” angels (i.e., people). I explained that there were times, both in the past and recent events, which I knew the tugging at my conscience and heartstrings was an intervention from the divine. I call it being prompted or convicted by the Holy Spirit or my guardian angel, but not everyone feels comfortable saying that out loud. These personal encounters with people I call “angels on earth” are a form of entertaining or encountering angels. The difference is that some may be visible (in the form of friends, or loved ones, or even complete strangers), and others are the heavenly messengers sent to assist us. One of the women attending today’s book talk said she was glad I was comfortable stating my experiences and beliefs in front of everyone, and admitted that she has often felt some form of spiritual intervention keeping her safe. Another woman said she regularly talked to her angel and felt that it was a completely natural thing to do. At the end of today’s talk and signing, they thanked me for being open to sharing the experiences I have had, my beliefs, and what led me to write The Last Prophet book series.

Whether we have unknowingly entertained heaven sent angels, or whether our friends, family, or loved ones have acted on our behalf to intervene like angels on earth, we have in some way encountered the Divine in the form of being aided, guided, or cared for. Ever get a phone call from someone you haven’t heard from in a while and have that person talk you down from your crisis? You encountered the Divine. Ever wonder why everything seems to be getting in your way, making you late for an important appointment, only for you to be further delayed because of a major accident? That accident could have happened to you – the Divine somehow could have been your intercessor. Ever been faced with choosing something that you were certain was the right choice, but yet you picked something else that proved to be a better decision in the long run? Another encounter with the Divine. Most call it coincidence. I call it a God-incidence. In essence, we were loved, in my opinion. Someone is looking out for us, and we unknowingly encountered it by simply living.

Going into today’s author event, I knew that not everyone would understand why I wrote the book series, and some might even take offense that I used the title for a character that was obviously not male. I was okay with that, and some did express their opinion. I can respect their opinion, and respect that they disagree. I simply have to remind myself and others who read the books or visit my social media sites that THESE ARE WORKS OF FICTION. I do not claim to be a religious scholar or an expert in prolific writings, teachings of multiple religions, or the end-all-be-all of anything angels related. What I do claim, however, is to write based on my personal experiences and encounters, incorporating what I have researched on various views of angels and prophets, and writing a STORY to entertain and uplift others.

All this being said, I am curious to know what your views are on angels. Have you ever had an experience you believed was divine intervention? Ever encounter what you define as an “angel” or spiritual being? Please comment in the space provided.

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